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Twenty years ago you could safely complete a degree knowing that your qualifications will pay your wages (that in turn fund your lifestyle and goals) for the rest of your life. This is no longer the case. Changes in technology are partly to blame but so too are changes in legislation and workplace practices.

If you are an accountant, working in the finance or medical professions you would know about CPD (also called Continuing Professional Education – CPE). It’s a system of providing education for professionals to keep them up to date with what is going on in their professional and this is particularly important if your profession involves advising your clients.

CPE usually involves training seminars, short courses, watching online webinars and completing assessment tasks and each one of the tasks you complete give you a certain number of points towards your total yearly point requirement. Keeping track of your attendance or the results of an exam you did at the end of completing a short course are some ways of keeping track of these points.

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Continuing Education is Important for Bookkeepers

As far back as 2008 the ATO was looking at ways of ensuring that Bookkeepers were included in changes in legislation as part of the Tax Agent Services Bill 2008. A workshop about tax professionals in the same year highlighted the importance of education for bookkeepers to keep up to date.

EzyLearn has taught students how to use MYOB Bookkeeping software and Microsoft Office since the late 1990’s and in 2006 closed it’s last physical training centre in Dee Why, Sydney to focus solely on creating online training courses and course content for bookkeepers and small businesses.

Cloud accounting and software is developing deeper than the software itself and into integrations that work with your accounting software to provide seamless functionality in things like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Time Billing, Job Management, Team management and lots more. Our goal is to help clients and staff of tax agents keep up to date with the technology available.

The purpose of this site is to provide bookkeepers and accountants with short and relevant courses in specific aspects of their work. We also aim to provide these courses to accounts department employees to increase their understanding of more complex aspects of bookkeeping.

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Become a Certified Bookkeeper

We help you become a certified bookkeeper with educational courses as well as guides and processes to help you understand the needs of businesses via their bookkeepers and BAS Agents. Real world examples and scenarios and how to use the leading Australian accounting programs for all tasks.

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