Why the Academy?

The Bookkeeping Academy is a service to give businesses confidence that their bookkeeper has the skills to perform the tasks that they should be able to perform for their charge out bracket. If a bookkeeper has high level management reporting and forecasting they would have very good skills using Microsoft Excel, if a bookkeeper claims to have excellent credit management skills then we assess their performance against benchmarks for that type of role.

This is the process we take:

Step 1. Bookkeeper Chooses their Level

A bookkeeper chooses the charge out rate they are comfortable with and the skills and experience they have and join the academy at that level.

Step 2. Bookkeeper Completes Case Study Assignments

The bookkeeper performs all steps using their own skills and resources and submits them for review. These tasks may include software usage, accounting and tax industry understanding and even customer service and communication skills.

Step 3. Review and Assessment

Our team review the bookkeepers submission and provides feedback on areas of concern or improve – or how great they are! Once everything has been completed successfully the bookkeeper becomes a member.

Step 4. Membership

As a member the bookkeeper is issued with a membership certificate and can use our logo to verify their skills.