Data entry and Office Support jobs are found in most businesses with 3 staff or higher because the work involves helping to co-ordinate and support the work performed by different staff members as well as the administration, filing, customer service and reporting for the business owner.

Who applies for Bookkeeping Assistant jobs?

These jobs are popular with mums and parents and are a good entry point as they don’t required specialist knowledge, experience and qualifications so they can be performed after completing a short course or vocational certificate courses.

Parents with young children or children that have just started primary school are good candidates for these accounting jobs because they want to do a good job, want part-time work and want to be able to turn off after leaving the office.

Common tasks for Certified Bookkeeping Assistants

  • Data entry of work order information
  • Customer service via phone or email
  • Preparing and maintaining spreadsheet data
  • General administration duties
  • Filing of paperwork and digital files
  • Maintaining office supplies
  • Assisting with and updating daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Assisting management, accounting and administration teams
  • Exposure to beginner level knowledge of accounting software

The tasks for this member category can be learnt in the Daily Transactions and End of Month Courses.

Specialised tasks for Certified Bookkeeping Assistants

When you specialise you demonstrate your commitment to a deeper level of understand about certain Bookkeeping Assistant tasks. These tasks are all aimed at doing a better job for your employer or client and to help them use technology to better manage their business.

Examples of specialisation include:

  • Credit Management
  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable
  • Workforce management
  • Expense management

Rates of pay for Bookkeeping Support jobs

Office and bookkeeping support jobs attract an hourly rate of between $20-$35 depending on

  • the size of the business,
  • the Industry,
  • how many hours you work per week, and
  • your experience.

These rates of pay are considered low but don’t carry the risk associated with BAS, GST and Payroll tasks where the ATO has established rules, regulations and minimum qualifications for BAS Agents.

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