How Do You Learn?

MYOB training course workbook

Our online MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks Online and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) training courses use a combination of:

  • training videos,
  • training workbooks with exercises,
  • exercise files (for Microsoft Office), and
  • knowledge reviews (skill assessment tests).

There are hundreds of short and to the point instructional training videos where our instructors demonstrate how to use the software following the content of our training workbooks and case study scenarios.

Our training courses are designed by experienced educators who understand that courses are designed to take students on a learning journey from basic to more advanced skills, building on basic and then more advanced skills to provide a satisfying and thorough education experience

EzyLearn’s Online MYOB Training Course Comes with the Assurance of a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

How Are Your Skills Assessed?

At the end of each course an assessment tests confirms your new-found skills. You have the opportunity to attempt each Knowledge Review three times (we provide tips on where to find the correct information) to help your skills improve. The assessments are thorough and wide-ranging in scope and if you get the answer wrong, you are provided with a video reference so you can study up on it.

After completing the knowledge assessment tests you’ll be issued with a Certificate of Completion which shows the total estimated time of completion. Use it for your CPD points.

Industry & Employer Recognised Certificate

Upon successful completion of of your bookkeeping course knowledge assessments you will receive a Beginners or Advanced certificate which officially recognises your completion of your course and shows the estimated time of completion.

Learn more about Employer Recognised & Trusted Courses

After Course Resource

When you complete your course you have full access to all training  materials forever. That includes the training videos you’ve used and, most importantly, new training videos and workbooks that we create in the future. LifeTime membership was introduced in January this year to give you the confidence of a comprehensive resource after completing your course.

The online course becomes your learning resource for the rest of your working life

MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks and Microsoft Office & Excel

MYOB has been Australia’s market leader in accounting software since the late 1990’s and learning how to MYOB, as well as new cloud accounting programs like Xero and Intuit Quickbooks is a great way to improve your employability and increase your value when working with your existing employer or accountant.

Some people seeking bookkeeping work are encouraged to do a Cert IV in Bookkeeping and explore becoming a Registered BAS Agent, but we’ve discovered that you don’t need to become a Registered BAS Agent to be more employable or even run your own business.

The main reason bookkeepers become a Registered BAS Agent is so they can lodge a BAS on behalf of a client but there are many BAS Agents and even Tax Agents that you can work with in performing bookkeeping tasks and often you can earn good money just doing the bookkeeping work very well and supporting an accountant who can focus on their tax and compliance tasks.

EzyLearn has been teaching students how to use software programs since 1996 and we are committed to ensuring that students receive relevant training on the tasks that accountants and tax agents want them to do. We also offer courses in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, WordPress for website design and content marketing and small business startups.

Committed to Online Training Courses

Learning software applications like MYOB and Microsoft Excel in an online environment is one of the best ways to learn. We’ve delivered training courses at physical training centres around the Sydney metropolitan area since 1996 and we’ve learnt that people will learn when they are ready, rather than fit into a schedule.

Online learning with EzyLearn provides 12 months of course access to ensure you or your team have an ongoing, excellent resource upon completing the course and doing the work. What better way to go over materials and refresh as you need to?


Educational videos and workbooks provide you with a consistent learning experience every time. Employers across Australia are confident with EzyLearn online training courses because we guarantee that you will receive training on every topic — exactly as per the training course outline and not according to:

  • The slowest person in the classroom
  • The person who asked the most questions about their own circumstances
  • The technical limitations of the instructor

You Get the Best. Guaranteed.

We’re always creating updated content. Detailed evaluations are conducted at the end of each course to understand how the course can be improved in every aspect: content, delivery, operations and support. We also offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee to further demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction.

Come on an online learning journey and discover why online learning is the disruptive new technology for education.

What do our students say?

We know what’s good about our course but in the search for more answers and insight we spoke to some of our customers to hear real life stories of why students chose our course and what they thought of it. Read Ellen Toomey’s story from Top Knot Carpentry.

Employer-Recognised-and-Trusted-Online-Accounting-Bookkeeping-Office-Admin-Training-Courses - EzyLearn

Learn about how we are recognised & trusted by employers..

How long does the course take?

Our online courses come with 12 months course access so you can go and review the training materials but they are short courses which can be completed in 3-12 hours per course. See the Course information pages for more details.

You can take as long as you need to complete the courses by studying a little each day or week or get through it quickly by cramming as much as you can into 1 week.  Most students want a guideline as to how long it takes to complete each course so we include that information in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on each course.

For more detailed information about each of the courses visit our main website. Here are the software specific links:

MYOB Accounting Software Training Courses

Xero Accounting Software Training Courses

QuickBooks Online Training Courses

Microsoft Excel Software Training Courses

How much does the course cost?

This website shows our wholesale course prices for Tax Agents only. We want to work with the people who are responsible for the lodgement of company taxes to ensure our courses contain relevant content, particularly in this day and age of cloud-based accounting software and the numerous integrations that make them more important in streamlining business operations.

Visit our enrolment page for course options and prices and note that you must be a Tax Agent to use this service. Any enrolments we receive that are not from bona fide tax agents will be refunded.

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